Over at FLOG, they have released the back cover for Jaime Hernandez’s God & Science: Return of the Ti-Girls, a collection of the story from the first two issues of LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES VOLS. 1 AND 2.

While Jaime’s story from volumes 3 and 4 “The Love Bunglers” has rightfully been held up as one of the greatest comics of all times, for a lighter course, this might be a suitable choice. We can’t help but think that all of the people calling for great superhero stories featuring women will find Ti-Girls a masterpiece, as well, an entire superhero universe made up of nothing but superheroines of various shapes and sizes.

It’s jaunty Jaime to be sure, but even so probably one of the best superhero stories of the last decade.

Oh, here’s the front cover:



  1. I would go so far as to say this is easily the best superhero story of the past decade. Every convention and trope is fit in somewhere and Xamie brings in sooooo many styles. It’s the rare story that both encapsulates the past and moves the genre forward.

  2. 1. Great to see this stuff collected! Let’s see if this time they bring it to my LCS, as opposed to L&R:NS, which they didn’t bring despite it being in my pullout list

    2. God bless Jaime: Living proof that you can draw sexy superheroines that don’t look like eighties pornstars!

  3. I would go so far as to say this is easily the best superhero story of the past decade.

    Better than Dan Clowes’ THE DEATH-RAY?? Strong words there, Chris!

    Nice how the FANTAGRAPHICS Indie stalwarts—
    current and ex — can beat the Big Two at their own game like this, telling a full and complete story without resorting to
    decompression and High Collars…

    (With Hernandez’s Ti-Girls the spandexed Yin to Clowes’ Andy the would-be-superhero Yang at that.)