A few pages from a recent Jonah Hex story:


  1. I’ve bought every issue with Bernet’s name on the cover, even though it is not humanly possible for me to care any less about a violent cowboy with a hole in his face.

  2. Adam, I’m not quite your opposite, as I like both the stories and the art, very much….

    What’s not to like about a series of mostly one-and-dones with twists and turns similar to a Spirit story?

    On the other hand, I respect that the character may just not be your cup of tea.

    He’s one of my favorites in all of comics….

  3. Tony, I tend to follow artists almost exclusively. I don’t buy any titles based on who the writer or characters may be. I realize this makes me a bit different than most readers.
    I do, however, appreciate how the Jonah Hex stories are completely detached from the rest of the DC universe and any events that might be going on.

  4. I am making it my business to get to San Diego come hell or high water because Jordi is a guest this year.

    As well, because he does not speak english, I am learning spanish to speak to him. Last time, translation time was exhausting.

    And Adam, it’s ok if you dont like or read the book…we are glad you are enjoying the art. Adam, thanks for the kind words…

  5. Always a treat to work on anything Jordi touches. He’s a wonderful storyteller. I’ve been a fan ever since I “discovered” his work on Torpedo 20+ years ago. One day I hope to have a page of his art hanging in my studio.

    Jimmy, I’ve given up on learning Español–it was easier for me to marry the Spanish teacher!

  6. I guess I’m in the minority that I didnt like Bernet’s artwork…at first. Now I miss it when he doesn’t draw an issue of Hex! :-)