Art blog Comic Twart is taking on Silver Sable, who actually had her own title that lasted a whole 35 issues back in the day.

BTW, we’ve been seeing more and more of Francavilla’s art around, and we approve, wholeheartedly. Artists with fully developed classic illustration sensibilities don’t get much of a chance to develop these days, but that style never really goes away. Fellow Comic Twarter Declan Shalvey was twittering about a bunch of stylish artists who seem to have taken hold more at Marvel these days:

Not to sound biased, but i think that Marvel are currently publishing work with the most varied/interesting group of artists at the top of their game. Guys like Roland Boschi, @jasonlatour, @chrissamnee, Paul Azaceta, @gabrielhardman, @shawncrystal, Jefte Paolo, @mbreitweiser, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Goran Parlov, etc, the list goes on and on. There’s plenty more; they were just off the top of my head right now.

It’s a good start — and Francavilla, to name just one, has plenty of work coming out from DC. But recently, house styles and obnoxious events seems to have driven a lot of the individuality in comics away — it’s a good reminder that it ain’t necessarily so.

BTW, Francavilla also has his own 31 Days of Halloween thing going on. We won’t compete, just link.


  1. Francavilla’s work is amazing. Love that Comic Twart blog–awesome talent all around there.

    Francavilla is also working on the upcoming Black Panther: Man Without Fear storyline from Marvel, isn’t he?

  2. Comic Twart has become one of my favorite blogs. The work these guys do just astound me. And let’s add Mitch Gerads and Steve Bryant to that list.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  3. I love this whole article. Brilliant and thank you for pointing this out.

    Just a heads-up: For anyone who happens to be a fan of the Paul Azaceta style, be sure to check out Aaron Campbell on GREEN HORNET: YEAR ONE from Dynamite. It’s truly outstanding.