Toonseum, the Pittsburgh-based comics museum, has teamed with East End Brewing Company to produce Illustration Ale, a pen-and-ink friendly brew that has six different labels by illustrators. Ed Piskor has posted the process for his label which features Wally Wood:

I remember thinking: “What would I do if I was asked to draw a label?”, there was one logical choice for me. A portrait/caricature of the late, great, Wally Wood. An illustrator/cartoonist who is the quintessential embodiment of the marriage between alcohol and comics.

Ahem. Perhaps a cautionary tale as well as an attractive beer label.


  1. Another Wood-ism was “When in doubt black it out.” Which could be “When in doubt drink until you black out!”
    He was one of the greatest comic artists of ALL time. Enough said!

  2. You are no Wally wood. You have no life since you need hitch your pathetic no talent non- career to a great artist like Wally…….you are are a no talent loser that has to demean REAL talent to
    draw attention to yourself.
    Y^ou have erased all comments to this page for months because you are a loser no talent, and I am spreading the word.

  3. Anyone who knew Woody knows that his life was anything but a celebration of alcohol. Rather, it was a cautionary tale that should serve to warn others of the dangers of any addiction. Those of us who loved him watched the inevitable downward spiral with dread. Those who only knew his through his works mourned the loss of a great talent to a force beyond his ability to cope. To imply that his life and talent were in any way a result of his alcoholism is an insult to a great man. That’s like saying John Belushi wasn’t funny without drugs. Yes, Woody is forever linked to alcohol in the manner of his tragic death, but this is not something to be celebrated or exploited for commercial purposes, but, rather, something to be mourned. Booze did not make Woody what he was – one of the greatest artists in the history of comics – it deprived us of a great talent. Wally Wood was a great guy, an amazing artist and a driving force in the comics industry. Booze ended all that. Woody once told me: “Think before you ink.”