Spider-Nan co-creator Steve Ditko is mostly known these days as a cranky recluse who refuses to talk about any of his Marvel experiences, but he’s actually an active cartoonist who has an apartment full of art. Jog brings you up to speed with his recent output.


  1. Unfortunately what I remember about Ditko’s output is a few years ago when Ditko wrote not one, but two different attacks on Blake Bell’s Steve Ditko book more than a year before it was published and without seeing any of its content. By publishing these embarrassing rants, Robin Snyder basically allowed Ditko to humiliate himself in public. This is why I stopped subscribing to Robin Snyder’s The Comics. I’m unaware that Ditko ever actually reviewed the book after it was published, and if he didn’t then he’s an even bigger fool.

  2. what a terrific article. a lot of painstaking and entertaining analysis. whatever you think about Ditko, he’s still got the power polarize and entertain through his craft. Keep pissin people off Mr. Ditko. I love it.

  3. Just knowing that Ditko is still out there (and still drawing guys wearing pork-pie hats and pencil mustaches) makes my day.

  4. “Keep pissin people off Mr. Ditko. I love it.”


    I don’t understand why “pissing people off” equates to good entertainment. For that matter, Steve Ditko’s stuff is just plain unappealing.

  5. I enjoyed your article very much. I’ve bought all Ditko’s recent publications being careful to skip the books that are essays. I like to look at Steve’s fantastic art and enjoy his writing very much. He seems to have a hard time dealing with fame sometimes. I’m sure it’s not always easy.
    The 160 page books with the blue cover0 was my favourite!

  6. Don’t feel bad. I like the classic Dr Strange and Spider-Man … but his solo efforts like Mr. A are just bland.

  7. Steve Ditko’s art will always have a special place in my heart. Whether his art has peaked or not is another discussion…..I love that he’s still creating well into his ’80s. Evidently, the man has always been about his art first, financial gain a distant second. He’s an inspiration to all cartoonists.

    PS- Rex Graine is an inspiration to all journalists!

  8. I couldn’t stand Ditko when I was a kid. I can see it now, but I didn’t appreciate it then.
    Who was that crazy artist who did the New Mutants, with the impossible name?
    I couldn’t appreciate him, either. I liked the clean look of Jim Lee and Ron Lim.

    Now, tho, I love this stuff.