DIAMOND FLYER 6 crop.jpg
Moving on to the fast approaching Stumptown, Floating World is debuting a new issue of DIAMOND, with a cover by Paul Pope and other good stuff. Jason Leivian writes:

The latest full color issue of DIAMOND is at the printers right now and is due to arrive this Wednesday, April 13. Like the previous issue, we’ve teamed up with the Portland Mercury for distribution. 5000 copies will be included as a FREE insert in the 4/14 issue of the Mercury coming out next week.

We’re holding onto 1000 copies which will be sold at the store and through distributors like Last Gasp, Tony Shenton, Copacetic… Orders may also be placed directly by emailing [email protected]

I’d like to give a special thanks to our sponsors that made this issue possible: Koyama Press, Tugboat Press, Ground Kontrol Arcade, Stumptown Coffee, Drippy Bone Books, and Stumptown Comics Fest.

Paul Pope
Farel Dalrymple
Bendik Kaltenborn
Lala Albert
Jim Rugg
Stanley Lieber
Zack Soto
Sam Hiti
Jonny Negron
Lane Milburn
Dash Shaw