Sub-Mariner 35-01.jpg

These Defenders don’t mess around.

Also, call me nuts, but on the off-chance that this just happened to be the first comic book I ever picked up, I’d rather just read a big old caption explaining who these groovy characters are than read dialog like, “Namor will not let your gamma-radiation based mutation take over, Banner!”

Although considering that this is a ’70s comic, they probably ALSO said something like that inside even though there was a caption.


  1. SUB-MARINER #35
    Page One — SPLASH — Hulk, Sub-Mariner and Silver Surfer stand on the Surfer’s board soaring through space above the planet Earth. Leave room for title, credits, word balloons, captions and indicia.

    Sal Buscema: “You got it.”

    See? Easy.

  2. The Defenders are about the only thing that will get me to read a Marvel comic again. Can’t say that about the Avengers.

  3. I wish they’d bring back the ‘real’ Defenders and stop including Namor and the Surfer in all these comebacks – they barely appeared in the original series!