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The first issue of Archie rang triumphant in the comic book space with the creative team of Fiona Staples and Mark Waid delivering something akin to an earnest take on a beloved American icon. Archie Andrews is everything but traditional himself nowadays that he’s clean cut and and an earnest comic book lead. There’s no grit on the character even in stories that feature horror icons. Staples and Waid perfectly took on the essence of the hero and his back catalogue of supporting cast members. Even if life isn’t particularly swell for Andrews, who is now facing some hard times with Betty — Archie remains optimistic. One of the best parts about the first installment is how it paired down the mythos of Archie (there was no Veronica to be seen in the first comic.) With that, we would like to present a preview of the second installment of the brand new Archie ongoing series that has a cover with a focus on Betty, someone whose full story has yet to be told. Also, Staples’ art in this second comic is something special with the characters of the story being so expressive in these first couple of images. Thanks to EW for the pictures.

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