In an emailed newsletter, artist Steve Rude reports that his rough year is ending on an up note, and he’ll be re-teaming with writer Mike Baron for a new Nexus story starting in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #12 in May. The three installments of the story will then be collected into a standalone 30-page book. The story deals with the “nature of evil”.

Nexus, the spacefaring tale of a superhero who kills mass-murderers — has had a long run with multiple publishers since the early ’80s. Baron and Rude self-published an issue a few years ago but the series has been hit with delays since then.


  1. Nexus is one of my all time favorite IPs. Steve Rude has had quite a rough year, and I hope that 2012 is much better for him and his family.

    Can’t wait to read a new Nexus story.

  2. It’s always good to be see Baron & Rude do more NEXUS. If I had my way, NEXUS would be monthly. Alongside COYOTE, PORTIA PRINZ and ZOT! None of which need no stinkin’ reboot.

  3. I asked Rude about Nexus when he came through Boston last year.

    “We just ran out of bread,” he said. “At least we got the trade out.”

    I don’t think the number for the Nexus reboot were very big. The delays in getting the final issues out didn’t help things. Weren’t the last two issues released as a double length floppy?

    Not to rain on the above announcement, which is fantastic news, but I don’t think the market would sustain a Nexus monthly right now.

  4. JSF, Badger is coming back with the return of First Comics. Baron’s posted a few pages of the new book to his Facebook accounts.