200804241201Some little news notes that have been floating around:
Zuda news: a second chance for previous contestants to get picked up via the Zuda Invitational and a new strip by Dean Haspiel, STREET CODE which is an “instant winner.”

3. The much talked about ZUDA COMICS INVITATIONAL is on! Celebrating the one-year anniversary of our announcing Zuda at the San Diego Comic-Con we’re going to have a competition featuring comics from the previous years worth of non-winning comics. I’ll blog about this in more detail but basically if it ran on Zuda and didn’t win its eligible to participate in the Invitational. Send your picks for which comics you want to see get another shot at the brass ring to FEEDBACK (in the upper right corner there, by the login)! The Invitational will be our July competition.

Tzcover§ The Same Hat kids reveal a new project, an English edition of Yusaku Hanakuma’s TOKYO ZOMBIE. The book is planned for September release from Last Gasp but may be out in time for San Diego:

Tokyo Zombie is a self-contained story featuring Yusaku Hanakuma’s two characters Afro and Hage. It was originally serialized in AX Magazine in 1998-1999, and was collected and published the year after by Seirinkogeisha. Seirinkogeisha is an incredbile indie/underground manga publisher, and publish the vast majority of Same Hat favorites including Suehiro Maruo, Takashi Nemoto, Shintaro Kago, Kazuichi Hanawa and many, many others.

§ Similarly Warren Ellis reveals a pair of new books from Avatar later this summer.

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Aetheric Mechanics

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and No Hero.

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