Just a friendly reminder, LOST returns tomorrow in its new time slot: 10:00 (or 2200 if you prefer) ET.

In preparation, here are a couple interviews with the show’s producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.


TV Guide interview conducted by Jimmy Kimmel

There are likely plot points discussed in these, so be forewarned if you’re one of those “anti-spoiler” types.

Look for the usual day-after recap by the Beat’s Helper Monkey on Friday morning.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. Jimmy,

    I thought you had more fortitude than that. With all the TV Turds floating on the screen these days I’d think that you’d have more patience. Even a bad , poorly scheduled episode of LOST beats a regular on time season of (Insert 90% of the schedule here)

    I hope to see you in Pittsburgh this weekend, bud.


  2. LOST could air once a month and it would still put 98% of all prime time shows to shame. It certainly hasn’t jumped the shark. Hell, it hasn’t even put on the skis yet.

    I’ve read a fair amount of spoilers the past few days, and it sounds like things are about to blow wide open, starting with tomorrow night’s episode.

    *(minor spoilers*)

    In the next few episodes, we will learn who’s in the coffin, we’ll find out much more about what “smoky” really is *and* we’ll see what was happening the day John Locke was born…and who was there.

  3. If it has jumped the shark, was it the Dharma Shark* that was jumped?

    *For the LOST podcast listeners, that would be Ezra J. Sharkington.

  4. hey beau, I dont compare tv shows because i got a lot of choices on and off cable that i think are better. rather watch a movie than play a guessing game to see if i missed an episode.

    that said i enjoy medium and bones.


  5. Jimmy,

    Tucci told me that you only watch Oprah and The View. At least that’s what he said was playing when he was at your place last…..then again….that’s Billy talking….

    I can’t believe you let him stay there.


  6. Lost seems to me to be the perfect “comic-like” tv series. It has little subplots and mini arcs; people who are seemingly dead can return anytime the writers want them to; it messes around with time apace continuum; some people seem to have superpowers or are mutants.

  7. “lost has jumped the shark 3 times already…just the fact that we never know when it is going to be on doomed this show. goodbye, you lost me.”

    Well, if we used this same criteria for comics these days I’d say just about every comic series had jumped the shark since so many have missed shipping dates, had long delays thanks to writers and/or artists, etc…
    I never know when many particular titles are going to hit the racks.
    goodbye comics, you lost me.

  8. richard…i dont expect comics to be monthly on any level…but i do expect continuing shows to be weekly like promised. unlike a comic that i can easily pick up and re-read, i will not watch an hour of tv over again to catch up.

    man, the show has lost it for me and a bunch of my friends that have been die hard fans.

    thats the reality of it.

  9. ABC has kept LOST at the forefront of its marketing this past year, so the time slot adjustments haven’t been nearly the problem they could have been. Had the writer’s strike not happened, we would have seen 16 uninterrupted episodes, as promised. As it is, they’re still giving us 13 episodes total, and these shows have really been delivering the goods. BIG payoffs for the fans who’ve stuck with it.
    Jeez, LOST kicked more ass tonight than all the “event” comics I’ve read in the last year.

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