§ Yen Press, the eagerly awaited new line headed by Kurt Hassler and Rich Johnson, is hiring, according to Manga Blog, but you must be able to translate Japanese:

Kurt Hassler just dropped me a line to say he’s settling in at Yen Press, Hachette’s new manga imprint, and he’s looking for an editorial assistant. So if you’re looking for a way to break into the industry, this might be your opportunity. Full job posting after the cut.

Editorial Assistant -Japanese Translation Required

§ Caleb Monroe interview’s MBQ’s Felipe Smith at Scryptic Studios with much talk of hos much time Smith spends marketing his OEL book”

What’s the best part about having a book of your own in stores? I’m not yet quite sure what the best part of having a book in stores is. My book is rarely ever in stores. Haha. The best part about being published is being able to reach out to an audience through your work. I don’t have a very long reach, yet. But I’m working on it.

§At his MySpace blog, Ed Brubaker explains why CRIMINAL is skipping a month

A few readers have written to express concern because Criminal wasn’t solicited for March release, so I thought I better address the subject, before rumors start swirling of our demise or something. Criminal is doing very well right now, and as long as sales continue to allow, we’ll keep putting it out. But as we said in all our early press about the book, the plan has always been to take a month or two off between arcs, to allow Sean to draw more Zombies at Marvel, and so we can breath between storylines a bit. But we will be back in the catalogs for issue 6 soon, so do not worry. But as always, we can never have enough readers, so if you haven’t checked out Criminal, which James Gunn just recommended last week on his blog, by the way, then please give it a try, and if you don’t see it at your retailer, please ask them to carry it.

§ Walt Disney’s birthplace is for sale on eBay.

§We received the attached PR in regards to Lela Lee’s webcomic ANGRY LITTLE GIRLS, announcing a new licensing deal for apparel and two books from Running Press:

The Sharpe Company is pleased to announce two new licenses for Angry Little Girls, the comic strip about girls who are disenchanted, crazy, fresh, gloomy and all around angry.

Wish Licensing has picked up the rights to produce t-shirts and sweatshirts in tween, junior, adult women’s sizes, as well as tanks and fashion tops; loungewear tops and bottoms sold separately and/or as sets. Hot Topic, Aahs and Happy Six are among the retailers currently selling Angry Little Girls shirts.

Running Press will publish two mini books featuring new art by Lela Lee, creator of Angry Little Girls, Inc. The books will be published in 2007.