106906Reaganlg§ Whatever happened to the rest of Hill andWang’s non-fiction graphic novel series, we were wondering just the other day. WEll, ICv2 answers the question:

Hill and Wang plans to release Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography, written by Andrew Helfer (Malcolm X: A Graphic Biography) with art by Steve Buccellato and Joe Staton in September, after it was originally announced for last November (see “Three Non-Fiction Graphic Novels: From Hill and Wang”).

The lines first offering, the (/11 Report graphic novel adaptation was a best selling, and we hear the Malcolm X book did well, too.

§ Sequential reports on last week’s Festival de la bande dessinee de Quebec .

§ Devil’s Due is hiring:

Devil’s Due Publishing is currently hiring for the position of Webstore and Inventory Manager to build upon an already established 6 year online store and pick up and run with the newly available position.

§ Danielle Corsetto is running GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS licensing herself again.

I recently re-acquired the licensing rights to Girls With Slingshots from 360ep, the company I signed with a few years ago. This was a mutual break that was made because, basically, I can’t do simple math. The contract was for 36 months, and for some reason my mental calculator told me that 36 months = 2 years.

So I started planning to have the rights back in my hands this year, before I realized that our contract wouldn’t be up until much later! Fellow art majors, do yourselves a favor and take a math class before you go into business for yourselves. ;)

That said, I’d like to extend a big “thank you” to the 360ep team for getting me started and giving me a ton of confidence in myself!

§ Listen to WE ARE ON OUR OWN’s Miriam Katin on NPR’s Studio 360:

Miriam Katin was only a toddler when she and her mother hid from the Nazis in the Hungarian countryside. Now, more than 60 years later, she’s turned their harrowing story of escape and survival into a graphic memoir called We Are On Our Own.


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