§ The Angoulême comics festival — the greatest comics event in the world — is kicking off — English-speaking guests include Joe Sacco, Ivan Brunetti and Dash Shaw — and Bart Beaty has a preview of all the events which will have you jumping on the next plane to attend. His rundown gives some idea of the way in which comics completely take over the town, a refined state that San Diego is nowhere near achieving.

§ And yet we totally missed the news that Philadelphia is turning into Persepolis.

§ Zac Efron feels the road to manhood is via starring in a Brian Bendis story as he signs a deal to star in FIRE, adapted from the BMB graphic novel which he wrote and drew.

§ A lot of people have been alarmed by a lettering error in BATMAN & ROBIN #7. It is sad that time pressures make for such sloppy editing, but in looking at the panel in question, the artists drew the characters in the wrong order anyway. Where were the correct balloons going to go?


  1. Yeah, the art in that panel really should have been flopped, which I assume would have been easy to do in whatever layout program they use. Simply switching the balloons would put the conversation out of order. One confusing aspect is that as drawn, Batman does have sort of a “where am I?” look on his face.

  2. In Joe the Barbarian from last week, a sentence reads “It it…” when it should have been “It is…”

    In a Marvel comic from a few weeks ago, an entire page had to be corrected online.

    It happens to both companies. (Which seems to read that there are only 2 companies. Hmmm.)

  3. Interesting news on an adaptation of FIRE. I remember reading FIRE and thinking that the TV show Alias had ripped off Bendis’s concept. Efron is about as pretty as Jennifer Garner, so a movie will probably work.

  4. is it that difficult to hire a proofreader or make an intern look at this stuff before you publish it? Sadly they probably look at it as a needless expense or a waste of time because people don’t really care anymore and the average person’s ability to spell is questionable as well.

    I’d be happy to proof every comic published by any company for a modest paycheck.

  5. Whoops!! This went through 3 rounds of corrections and was never caught! I really apologize for this folks–a lot of times when I’m lettering a comic I’m just placing the balloons according to the editor’s balloon placement and I’m not really reading what’s in the balloons…I figure that’s the proofreader’s and editor’s job…Sorry!

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