• Flog reports that “Low Moon,” Jason’s comic strip for the NY Times Magazine, will be collected next year.

ICv2 talks to the ComicMix folks about the GNs they are selling at Baltimore, but learns that it is something of an “test printing” and the motives behind and future of the plan are no clearer than Sarah Palin’s definition of a molecule:

ComicMix would not disclose any further publishing plans. “We’re not ruling out doing other books or even other editions of these books for other shows but we have no plans to do that right now,” the spokesperson said. “Otherwise, I’m not authorized to talk about our book publishing plans.”

• And…congrats to Wil Moss, who just started this week at DC Comics as an assistant editor. Wil has been one of our fine writers for PW Comics Week for a couple of years now, and while we’re heartbroken to see him move on, we’re sure his talent will take him far.

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  1. That is great that LOW MOON will be collected. Jason is a master. I am assuming that would be collected with some other work? I didn’t count how mnay weeks it went for, but was that long enough to release as a stand-alone?

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