Newsarama and the New York Comic-Con announced a partnership yesterday. A couple of people read this as an “exclusive”, but apparently it isn’t. Other websites and even bloggers can still report on panels and make videos and whatnot. What’s interesting is that until we read the PR we had no idea that Newsarama was “the leading authority for expert commentary and analysis of the global comic book industry.” News and interviews, sure, but “analysis”? That isn’t the first thing we would have thought.

Speaking of Newsarama, it’s been interesting to speculate on the effects of the Imaginova purchase. We hear that ad rates have gone up quite a bit, and it is definitely a shock to see ads for waterless toilets and telescopes on a comics site. But otherwise, everyone seems to be sitting down and catching up just like before.

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  1. Matt has done some well-researched pieces on the issue of the Superman copyrights, and the legal maneuvering that has gone on there, which would qualify as “analysis” — but I don’t think most comics of the news reported there these days lends itself to in-depth study (particularly if the site needs to remain in the good graces of the publishers it deals with).

  2. Agreed.

    Not only could they use a redesign but the people behind the scenes could use some lessons in taste, personality and tact.

    Some of the guys who run Newsarama — Matt Brady — are just downright nasty. Read some of the things he posts to people on the boards. Granted, some people who post there can be pretty snarky but when you have the guy who runs the site stooping down to their level, it makes him no better than the very people he condemns.

    Other moderators will email or warn an individual privately if they have a problem but Matt enjoys humiliating those who post things he doesn’t like then grandstands at other people’s expense… and it makes the site both unprofessional and juvenile, a far cry from ‘the leading authority for expert commentary and analysis of the global comic industry’… although ‘authority’ and ‘expert commentary’ are termed very loosely by Newsarama.

  3. brett—personal grievance?

    Matt Brady and I have had words twice, once because of a misunderstanding, and once because of my big mouth. I have seen him post probably less than 20 times in well over 2 years. Maybe a couple of those were snarky, but most have been to tell a poster to behave or that they are banned for repeated offenses.

    He has a large domain to rule. I guarantee that if I were doing it, there would be more people banned than ever before.

  4. If Brady ever humiliates anyone it is because they are way out of line, given how crazy some of the posters are there i wouldnt mind if some of the other mods were more like him

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