While lost in the SDCC ticket sellout hoopla, it’s a curious fact that tickets for New York Comic Con in October went on sale Monday at noon, and here again there was a lot of demand, although nowhere near San Diego levels. As one potential attendee named @mightysquid tweeted:

@deatoya The site design is horrible. Do you see where to actually buy the tickets?
@ny_comic_con Server is overloaded. Sad panda
PSA: Even tho it says the server is overloaded and try back later your card is still charged. Check your bank before trying again! #NYCC
@ny_comic_con Cards are getting charged even tho there is a warning saying to come back later and there is no email conf. Pls check!
@katya_noctis @ny_comic_con I’m just going to wait and see what happens. I don’t want to get charged twice but I did want the 4 day pass.

There was a smattering of moaning elsewhere as the main site for New York Comic Con wobbled as tickets went on sale. However, as the day progressed, Twitter was mainly filled with people who peacefully got tickets. Tickets are available for fans and pros as we speak.

According to he NYCC Twitter feed, they are “keeping a tight watch on ticket sales to ensure it isn’t AS cramped as last year.” which is good news.


  1. Did NYCC ’11 passes Sell Out?

    (Bravo on REED Pop ‘drafting’ behind SDCC’s online Salesapalooza earlier this week— nothing like getting attention from all those Nerds and Geeks looking to get Comic Con passes, eh? )

  2. I tried signing up for 4-day passes only to have the site crash right after I put in my credit card info. Only I did get a confirmation e-mail sent to me right afterward.

    I did call customer service to make sure the e-mail was legit. Spoke to several absolutely pleasant and helpful people there. They confirmed that my order did go through.

    I figure in light of all the bitching about SDCC, a positive experience should be reported.