In advance of the Walking Dead DVD release, they are making some of the extras available as videos. Here’s one about how to make a zombie attack scary.


  1. At the upcomming Dallas Comic Con in May, several of the Walking Dead cast are going to be there. Here’s a canned statement about the show.

    The DALLAS COMIC CON returns in a big way this May 21-22!

    The biggest comic book convention DFW has ever seen is coming up this May 21-22. This just in – Marvel Comics artist extraordinaire John Romita Jr. has been added to the guest list, the co-creator of KICK-ASS! With the impressive guests list and an exciting new convention center, this is shaping up to be an event you simply can’t miss.

    Special Comic Book Guests:
    Stan Lee – creator of SPIDER-MAN, FANTASTIC FOUR, X-MEN
    John Romita Jr. – legendary Marvel artist IRON MAN, SPIDER-MAN
    Amanda Conner – artist POWER GIRL, THE PRO, VAMPIRELLA
    Jimmy Palmiotti – writer of JONAH HEX, POWER GIRL, PUNISHER
    Ethan Van Sciver – artist of GREEN LANTERN, FLASH, X-MEN
    Bernie Wrightson – co-creator of SWAMP THING
    Steve Niles – creator of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, CRIMINAL MACABRE
    Tim Bradstreet – cover artist PUNISHER, HELLBLAZER, HELLRAISER
    Todd Nauck – noted SPIDER-MAN artist of the Barack Obama story
    Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser – artists of CAPTAIN AMERICA
    James O’Barr – creator and artist of THE CROW
    Kristian Donaldson – artist of CHUCK, DMZ, 99 DAYS
    Kerry Gammill – artist of SUPERMAN, POWER MAN AND IRON FIST

    Special Media Guests:
    Leonard Nimoy – Spock on original STAR TREK, star of FRINGE
    Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia in original STAR WARS trilogy
    Laurie Holden – star of THE WALKING DEAD, THE MIST
    IronE Singleton – star of THE WALKING DEAD on AMC
    John Wesley Shipp – star of THE FLASH, DAWSON’S CREEK
    Amanda Pays – star of THE FLASH and MAX HEADROOM

    There will be Q&A panels going on all weekend, and you can
    shop the collectible-filled dealer room for fantastic bargains. The
    show is held at the brand new Irving Convention Center, off of
    O’Connor and 114 in Irving, TX. For all the latest info and full
    schedule, check out

  2. Great video! I just ordered the Blu-ray yesterday and I can’t wait for the next season of the Walking Dead to air on AMC. But if you have DirecTV you can’t watch your zombies on AMC in HD, because they don’t carry AMC in HD. I don’t know your personal preference, but I need my zombies in HD. Good news though, with DISH Network you get your zombies on AMC in HD! As a DISH Network customer and employee I made the switch to DISH, and have been quite happy with the service. Don’t you want to see your zombies in HD?