Vagrant Queen, the new Syfy series adapted from Vault Comics’ science fiction space adventure, finally has a debut date and trailer. The channel has announced that the first installment of the 10-episode live action series will premiere on Friday March 27 at 10 pm.

The show produced by Blue Ice Pictures features an all-female team of writers and directors including creator and showrunner, Jem Garrard. Take a look at the trailer here:

Vagrant Queen is the story of Elida, a former child queen driven from her throne and currently wandering the galaxy as an orphaned outcast. She’s also evading the revolutionaries who continue to hunt her down as she lives life as a scavenger and outlaw. When Isaac, an old frenemy, turns up with news about her long-lost mother Xevelyn, she is forced to return to her broken kingdom in hopes of staging a rescue before a deadly foe from childhood, Commander Lazaro, can find her.

The new series is based on the comic written by Eisner and GLAAD Media Award-nominated author Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim, Eternity Girl, Transformers vs. Visionaries) and illustrated by Jason Smith. It stars Adriyan Rae (Light as a FeatherAtlanta) as Elida, Tim Rozon (DiggstownWynonna EarpSchitt’s Creek) as Isaac, and Paul du Toit (Maze Runner) as Lazaro.

Tune in March 27 at 10 pm for the first hour-long episode. In the meantime, check out official art featuring the main cast.

Vagrant Queen


  1. Well that looked awful, like a generic Syfy Channel series. The dialogue was painful to listen to and this trailer is supposed to entice viewers? I’ll give it a big pass.

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