Well, the DC solicits don’t go live for another hour or so, but DC is giving us a sneak peek at some of the new teams…mostly veteran creators, with new teams for NEW SUICIDE SQUAD, AQUAMAN, and TEEN TITANS starting in February

NSS #15 cvr.jpg

Kicking things off, NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #17 will be written by Tim Seeley (GRAYSON, BATMAN ETERNAL) and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra (GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT, BATMAN ETERNAL). These regular Gothamites visit the dark and unspeakably violent world of the Suicide Squad for a thrilling new storyline! We’re excited to see what they bring to the Squad!
Indentured super villain Harley Quinn has made covert contact with someone outside the walls of Belle Reve prison—and this mysterious savior has discovered the secrets of Amanda Waller and Task Force X.


Next, AQUAMAN #49 will be written by Dan Abnett (TITANS HUNT, HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR, EARTH 2: SOCIETY) and illustrated by Vicente Cifuentes (BATMAN/SUPERMAN, CONVERGENCE: JUSTICE LEAGUE). Watch these two make waves with the beginning of a new chapter featuring your Atlantean heroes!
In the aftermath of the Thule invasion, Aquaman must show the people of Atlantis that he was the target of a conspiracy and earn their trust once more. And no, it’s not going to be easy…

Finally, TEEN TITANS #17 will be written by Greg Pak (ACTION COMICS, BATMAN/SUPERMAN) with art by Noel Rodriguez (RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS). The creative team isn’t going to give the Titans a single break. Run for your lives, Titans!
With their backs against the wall, the Titans are wanted across the country! Now, Tim Drake must find a way to clear the team’s name while staying one step ahead of the law. But Wonder Girl’s past is also catching up with her and it won’t wait for the Titans’ troubles to calm down.


  1. Well, these are some odd books to showcase, since they are a LONG way from bestsellers. Looking at their numbers, these may be the LAST creative teams on these books unless they can turn them around. Good luck!

  2. Maybe that’s why they’re doing exactly that! This is what a lot of peopl want; giving fair shake in advertising to books further down the line. Good on DC.

  3. The problem is, with the sheer bulk of titles that DC & Marvel publish, it’s really difficult to get new eyes on your 17th (or 49th!) issue. It CAN be done, but it has to (usually) be a 90 degree turn from where you were. This looks like one set of house style replacing a different set of house style. These may be the greatest new directions ever, but they’re unlikely to move more than a handful more copies with these kinds of lateral moves.

    As a retailer, there is essentially no chance I will order any more copies of any of these comics then the issue before, absent some sort of strong sales incentive or motivation to do so.


  4. Its good that media is mentioned by John, as that’s an additional point. Media seems to have a nominal effect on sales, but they usually return to regular levels soon afterwards. Not counting the new reboot, Iron Man, Capt America, Hulk and even the Avengers books were selling ok at best. Having the Flash and Supergirl on tv hasn’t moved the needle on their sales. In the case of Supergirl, none at all, since DC doesn’t even have a companion title to it. Marvel seems to have completely ignored the popular Daredevil show while it was new and being discovered by veiwers. Don’t see any reboots of Jessica Jones on tap here, either.

    Brian is spot on here. Unless books undergo a drastic change, and even then, start from #1 again, ir’s unlikely they will gain much in sales. Hey, I’m not knocking these characters, just stating statistics that have been proven repeatedly. I am positively responding to books like Aquaman and Catwoman getting to 50 issues at all given the current comics publishing climate at DC.

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