We’re excited to announce an all-new podcast on The Beat — Graphic Novel TK!

Graphic Novel TK is your podcast guide to the world of comic book publishing. Each episode, hosts Alison Wilgus and Gina Gagliano interview a guest expert about their slice of the publishing world and take a deep dive into the specifics of how graphic novels are made.

Why “TK?” It’s a commonly used shorthand in publishing for “to come” and if we’re anything at all, we’re suckers for catchy jargon. And with graphic novels — there’s always more TK and more to learn!

Check out the first episode below, or subscribe with your podcast app of choice!

Future episodes will be live every other week on Tuesdays here on The Beat. And in the meantime, follow us on Twitter @GraphicNovelTK.

Episode 1 – Origin Stories

In the debut episode of GNTK we talk about why we’re all so fired up to explain the nuts and bolts of graphic novel publishing — with guest bestselling author Ryan North, who talks about how he got his start in comics, what he’s learned since, and how understanding the inner workings of the business can help your career.

Alison Wilgus is a writer and cartoonist; her comics have been published by First Second, Dark Horse, DC, Del Rey and Nickelodeon Magazine, and she’s currently working on a graphic novel duology with Tor.

Gina Gagliano works First Second doing marketing and publicity, and has worked with organizations like the Brooklyn Book Festival, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and the Toronto Comics Art Festival to coordinate programming and media.

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