In advance of this weekend’s Long Beach Comic Expo, MAD EVents has made a few announcements, including the schedule for C3, the Comic Creators Conference which will be held on Friday, February 16. Schedule below.  I’m excited to be talking to Evan Narcisse and Jennifer DeGuzman about publicity and more. Get your tickets here! 

The conference will also see the presentation of this year’s Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity, which I was honored to be a judge for.

3:00 pm – Opening Remarks
Speaker: Martha Donato, Founder of C3

3:10 pm
Comic Book Production – The Digital Workflow
Speakers: Sean Glumace, Dean Haspiel, David Baron, and Chis Dickens

Description: Come learn how the whole production puzzle comes together, and where all the pieces fit in the digital workflow of creating comics. Join Adobe Education Leader Sean Glumace, colorist David Baron, publisher/writer Chris Dickens, and artist/writer Dean Haspiel for this panel on how the Adobe Creative Cloud and other programs are used in comic book production workflow from layouts, artwork, coloring, lettering, design, production, and more. Come learn how to put the whole production puzzle together, and where all the pieces fit. Adobe will be giving away a 1 year (12 month $599 value) subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud during the panel.

4:00 pm
Supporting Creative Work Through Social Media
Speaker: Tori Gedvillas
Description: Learn how creating artwork on social media and creator-focused platforms can help fund creative work from independent illustrator Tori Gedvillas, who has published over 150 videos to YouTube and amassed a following of over 240,000 on Instagram and 160,000 on YouTube.

4:50 pm
Getting Press Attention for Creative Works
Speakers: Three of the top journalists in the world of comics, Heidi MacDonald, Jennifer de Guzman, and Evan Narcisse (Each of whom has worked as a comics writer or editor as well) discuss the challenges of how creators – especially those without the backing of a major publisher – can best get attention for their projects.

5:45 pm
Comics, Death, and Taxes: Finance and Estate Planning for Creators
Speakers: David Gallaher, Shannon O’Leary, Michael Anderson
Description: We all work hard but how can we make the most of our money? Join a panel of experts – including HIGH MOON author David Gallaher, financial advisor Shannon O’Leary, and entertainment entrepreneur Michael Anderson – as they discuss tax planning, generational wealth, and estate planning and share resources that can help creators paint a better financial picture for their future.

6:30 pm
Creator Connection: First Connections
Speaker: Buddy Scalera
Description: Meet your next creative partner in this fun, interactive networking session. Many new comic titles and careers have been launched through this panel, which has never been offered in Long Beach. Bring business cards and samples of your work. This is the panel that has literally helped complete strangers form creative teams and publish comic books. Hosted by Marvel Comics writer Buddy Scalera (DEADPOOL). Sponsored by Marvy/Uchida markers.

7:30 pm
McDuffie Awards Program
Description: All C3 attendees are invited to stay after the conference for tonight’s presentation of the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics, celebrating diversity in the comics industry and continuing the legacy of the beloved animation writer and comic- book creator.

8:30 pm – Cocktail Reception


In addition, MAD Events has just entered into an agreement with CPIT Shanghai Exhibition Co., Ltd. to develop and produce a world-class event in Shanghai. China is a fast growing market for the comic-con experience, and this is a big expansion for MAD. More details below:

“We were honored to be chosen by CPIT Shanghai Exhibition Co., Ltd. for a project of this
magnitude. The convention will be a popular culture expo mainly based on anime & comic, film and gaming. It will be a four-day event, and is preliminarily planned for late 2019,” said Martha Donato, President & Founder of MAD Event Management. “Our goal at MAD has always been to produce shows that embodied our collective belief that strong programming and a commitment to the core principles of the show – the creators who make the characters and products we love – would allow us to thrive and succeed in a crowded market. We are excited to continue that legacy internationally with the support of CPIT Shanghai Exhibition Co., Ltd.”

MAD Event Management has produced nine years of successful shows on the west coast, and multiple events on the east coast. Prior to founding MAD, Donato ran the Wizard
Entertainment portfolio of comic conventions (Wizard World) for over ten years, having
produced her first convention in 1997.

The scope of the Agreement calls for MAD to develop and recruit North American partners and talent for the convention in Shanghai. To learn more about the opportunity, contact Martha Donato at [email protected].


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