More platforms, more options, more ways to get comics. Some recent business partnerships show that the comics industry has more ways to get things done than ever before.

Add Vault to the list of comics publishers carried by Lunar Distribution, the distribution arm of DCBS. Vault comics and graphic novels available to order with Lunar beginning with titles shipping in May 2022 and offer the same discounts and line-wide returnability for new single issues as through Diamond.

“We know that now more than ever flexibility is incredibly important for our retail partners. So we’re expanding our distribution relationships to empower our retail partners to make the choices that are best for their businesses,” said Vault CEO, Damian Wassel in a statement. “We’re excited to start working with Lunar, and excited to continue our relationship with Diamond.”

The PR noted that Vault comics and graphic novels are available to order through Diamond, Simon & Schuster, and as ebooks through InScribe – that last bit is something we haven’t seen mentioned for ebooks before? Not Comixology?

In addition to being the exclusive distributor for DC Comics to comics shops, Lunar also distributes Ahoy, Scout, Silver Sprocket and several other publishers. 



In an interesting start-up team-up, 3 Worlds/3 Moons, the Substack based publishing imprint created by Mike del Mundo, Jonathan Hickman, and Mike Huddleston, has announced that they are teaming with crowdfunding platform Zoop for fulfillment.

3W/3M is partnering with the team at Zoop, a comics-centric crowdfunding/pre-order platform, to print, fulfill, and ship that book to you, as well as all other promised subscriber rewards (such as the First 500/Founders Ashcan/Print/Collector Card).

The first project to be fulfilled via Zoop will be the The [SYSTEMS] Graphic Novel Sourcebook, their first print publication from 3W/3M which was offered as a reward for Founding and Annual subscribers. Although subscribers will need to pay for shipping, foreign subscribers will be able to get the books, provided they can pay for shipping.

Zoop launched last year as a one-stop shop for pre-order, production, fulfillment, and marketing for creators who don’t want to do all the nitty gritty for their crowdfunding campaigns. It makes a lot of sense for a small publisher like 3W/3M to outsource some of that – although calling 3W/3M a small publisher may be a bit of a misnomer as they recently hired Steve Wacker away from Marvel, and are planning an ambitious slate of interconnected SF titles.