HillaryclintonBluewater has corrected the number of stripes on the American flag on the cover of their Hillary bio, and redone it so it looks like her, but it still looks a lot like some other books. Oh well…collect ’em all. PR follows:

Bluewater Productions has replaced the cover art for their forthcoming comic book featuring Senator Hilary Clinton. The reason for the change is to correct an error in how the American flag was portrayed.

“It was my fault, and I take full responsibility for releasing the incorrect version of the cover,” said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis. “We meant no disrespect to veterans who bravely served our country, Senator Clinton, or to any other American who was offended by the incorrect portrayal of our most cherished American symbol.”

According to Davis, the earlier version of the cover portrays the American Flag as having 14 stripes instead of 13. This version was included with the electronic press release announcing the release of a comic book featuring Senator Hilary Clinton.


Female Force: Hilary Clinton is the first in a series of non-partisan comic books portraying influential and important American women who have shaped, and continue to shape, the political and social landscape of the country. The title will be a quarterly series.

“Our goal is not to be controversial, but to be educational. We think by using the comic book medium to tell the stories of Senator Clinton and other key female figures, we broaden the understanding of their importance and influence to younger readers.”

Davis added that he has recalled all the covers with the incorrect flag, including the one sent to Diamond Distributors, and has replaced them with a revised version that reflects the quality for which Bluewater Comics is known. This one shot comic book will be available in January.

“I was mortified that this particular cover went out. I honestly regret the mistake and apologize to everyone. I hope by publishing a respectful and quality title that I, and Bluewater, can move past the controversy,” Davis said


  1. Given that their earlier announcement was criticized not only for the U.S. flag-stripe error, but also for a press release riddled with ghastly typos, I just have to point out that Senator Clinton spells her first name with two L’s. It’s “Hillary”–not “Hilary”–as this recent press release spells it. Three times. But at least it’s right on the cover…

  2. Ah… Watchmen screwed up the flag too. Thirteen stripes, but white at the bottom.

    But then, it’s one of those “educational” comics, so they are held to a higher standard. (Hah! Standard! Flag!)

    “Our most cherished American symbol”… so cherished, some people wear it as swimwear. Or is that some sort of ironic political free speach?

  3. They changed the entire cover over a minor colouring error? Pull the other one.

    The PR for this one is ridiculously overlong. A far shorter one would have sufficed; would “veterans” really be offended by someone drawing the flag wrong? (I don’t quite see the connection, to be honest – anal retentiveness sure, military service not so much.) I wonder if this particular comic will ever come out…?