§ Töpfferiana is a new blog about proto-cartoonist Rudolphe Töpffer and his contemporaries. It’s in French but the pictures are AWESOME. Above, Wilhelm Busch.

§ Let’s Fall Asleep is a new blog about josei (women’s) manga. Much to read. We need time to digest it all.

§ Commenters discuss “lunch-gate” at Blog@. For the record, there’s nothing that wrong about Matt Brady skipping lunch with Dan Didio in favor of updating his site. In our Pulse/blogging days, we’ve missed lunch, dinner, breakfast, sleep, chocolate…you name it, in order to get things posted. That’s just the way it goes. Just at this year’s San Diego, we remember having to make do with a bowl of very cold eel in our hotel room as dinner while everyone else was out making merry, just to get a story finished. Or maybe Matt just didn’t want to have lunch with Dan Didio. Don’t judge.

§ Kai-Ming Cha catches up with some news of layoffs and downsizing at DMP, the manga publisher:

“On a more negative note regarding DMP, while I posted a little while ago about the letting-go of the core staff of 801Media, word on the internet is that some of Digital Manga’s main imprint staff have been let go as well. While I can’t give names until I can confirm this news heard at the con, for now I can atleast say that this looks like a sudden belt-tightening by DMP that my indicate a few more troubles than initially thought. All speculation at this point but I’m sure we’ll hear something more conclusive in the coming weeks.”

Monster Eye
§ We just don’t link enough to Jill Thompson’s blog The Seahorse, but do we pick one with some samples of her fantastic art? NO. We pick one where her eye looks really really scary.

§ Geoff Boucher has some expert analysis of the Watchmen footage:

After the lights came up, I started thinking that “Watchmen” wants to be the “GoodFellas” of super-hero cinema (and, to take the Martin Scorsese reference further, that “The Dark Knight” was sort of the “Taxi Driver” of the genre, with its propulsive and nightmarish nihilism and urban mercilessness). Like the 1990 gangster epic, “Watchmen” looks like it will be a complex, visually dynamic film that follows the generational decay of a larger-than-life, romanticized tribe. The members of the tribe, be they damaged nobles or mad-dog soldiers, lose their way as the world around them becomes more cynical, bloodthirsty, compromised and corrupt. “They’re all broken,” Snyder told the crowd.


  1. I think another point worth considering is: It’s not in Matt Brady’s job description to have lunch with Dan Didio.