Not only are we recovering from Halloween Week, but a) it’s quiet out there and b) we have to pack up and move to a new cube at work which, considering our previous experiment in the cubic footage and mass in graphic novels it would take to completely fill a cubicle, is a long, painful process. Finding our truss is the #1 goal. So with all that in mind, we’re taking the rest of the day off. However, here’s a picture from last night of The Beat, Colleen Doran, Trish Mulvihill, Elim Mak and Amanda Conner.

This week’s Nightmare Factory events have been so much fun. On Tuesday, we met up with Colleen for tea, then zipped over to the Zuda party (more coverage of that tomorrow), then met up with Heather Drucker and Hope Innelli from HarperCollins and the rest of the Nightmare Factory crew (Stuart, Joe, Michael) to enjoy some fine Spanish wine and great conversation. The Comic Book Club event was held at the very stylin’ Comix club, which is a great venue for new and established comics (standup division.) There was a god crowd and many laughs. If you have never been to a Comic Book Club, it’s a very well-run and entertaining “live action” talk show about comics, and we give it a full endorsement. Alex, Justin and Pete are very knowledgeable about comics, and keep the show moving along, with room for both laughs and a sharp look at the weeks comics. After the show, we all hung out, some old friends not seen for quite a while were in the house, and much frolic was had.

Last night’s Halloween party at the McNally Robinson bookstore was an ideal way to spend the early part of a Halloween. (We’re way way way over going to the Village parade after numerous years of being crushed like a peanut.) Books, pumpkin beer, clever costumes, NIGHTMARE FACTORY projections, and readings of spooky stories by several talented authors…really couldn’t have asked for a more chilled but fun evening. And we have to give a shout out to Heather, Hope, Jeremy Cesarec and the rest of the folks at HarperCollins. Working with such fine professionals has been a real education in book publishing.


  1. Looking at the picture you were all at a restaurant somewhere how was the food? Anything to reccommend?

  2. Good point, Alan, I bow to that truth. I was paying special attention to the lady who posted the picture.