day WAtch
Speaking of Timur Bekmambitov, the nice folks over at Bit Torrent are again making a 99¢ movie download available for Beat readers. This time it’s Bekmambitov’s DAY WATCH, which is the SEQUEL to NIGHT WATCH — both are high action SF adventures about good and evil and all that.

Special Price: $0.99
Regular Price: $14.99
You Save: $14.00 (94%)
Offer Expires: 11/6/07 03:00 PDT
6 Days Only

Go here to purchase for 99¢.


  1. Get on this people! I’ve seen this with poor subtitles from the Russian version, and hopefully this version done for America specifically will be much better because the movie is incredibly dope looking!

    It’s a very fun story (steeped in Russian culture) and has a fantastic intro chapter Night Watch which you should see first.

    99 cents is a snag no matter what though!

  2. I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first. The effects are incredible, though. If you haven’t read the books-get on those as well. The movies only cover the first book, so you’re really missing a lot. I have heard that they are planning to make the third movie in English, which is going to be a disaster-way too much gets lost in the translation.

  3. i get ‘sorry, that title is no longer available’ on the clickthrough.

    movie’s still listed for sale at 14.99, though.