If you’ve been enjoying Jason Momoa’s portrayel of Khai Drogo, the Dothraki warlord whose fierce nature is tamed only by a knowledge of new sexual positions on Game of Thrones, you will enjoy this first full-length trailer for the new CONAN movie which is action packed, full of lovin’ and killin’ and Hyborean era fashion. And also someone who looks kinda like Lord Voldemort about 45 seconds in.

The good news: thews, tentacles

The bad news: 3D. Blech.



  1. I have to say that this just looks like another generic “beefy dude in non-descript ancient desert” type movie that seems to be an annual occurrence these last few years. Maybe this actor looks closer to what Conan is really supposed to look like, but c’mon. How can anyone truly fill Arnold’s shoes? I think of the Conan movies like the Bond movies. There are a great many differences between the character on screen and the one on the page, but the on screen one is so well suited to that medium that it creates an entirely new version that is just as strong and iconic. This just seems rather boring. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong, though.

  2. Maclaine, I think you hit the nail on the head. This looks like another Scorpion King/Prince of Persia crapfest…