Intensive lab scene accompanied by anxious music? Check.

Unsubtle reference to Avengers franchise in title? Check.

The line “You don’t know when to quit, do you?” Check.

Stentorian Tommy Lee Jones? Check.

Creepy overuse of Curious Case of Steve Rogers Button CGI face replacement? Check.

Chris Evans rock hard abs? Check!

CAPTAIN AMERICA opens on July 2.


  1. Here are my impressions on the trailer….live and direct from my FB page:

    Red Skull and Hydra look awesome (if, at times, like outtakes from that “G.I. Joe” movie…The skinny “Curious Life of Steve Rogers” scenes look weird….I still think the Cap costume looks too shabby and grounded in reality and coulda used more bold red, less brown…I appreciated the nifty set-up for the inevitable “Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos” spin-off movie…The porn soundtrack on this trailer is ridic…

    Overall, there’s enough going on here that’s positive. Unlike the miserable-looking “Thor,” I’ll definitely see “Captain America” in the theater…but after I see “Green Lantern!”


    P.S. Heidi: you’ve got to admire the restraint of this trailer…they’re obviously saving the Chris Evans-in-a-wifebeater moments for the movie!

  2. Heidi,
    you forgot: Helpful ethnic brainiac who is summarily disposed of once the cool guy takes center stage? CHECK!

  3. Hmm. The Rocketeer‘s Director and the
    “Who Is Captain America?” characterisation and
    “Operation Rebirth” origin sequence from The Great Gold Steal?

    I’m in.