Fm1-ResizedBy a chance of fate while we were waiting for our luggage at JFK the other night, we ran into comics journalist Joel Meadows, a fortuitous event that meant we could split a cab and chat about comics. It also led us to Joel’s blog, Walls and bridges where he’s posted pictures from his mission here in the US: photographing and visiting with folks like Frank Miller and illustrator Robert Mcginnis. The former is for an upcoming book that will include interviews and profiles of 20 comics artists including Miller, Dave Gibbons, Joe Kubert, Adam Hughes, Sergio Toppi, Jim Lee and 14 others. You can see the entire list and more pictures at the link. The book is due later next year from WAtson-Guptill.


  1. The publisher is Watson Guptill, not Abrams. Apart from that, many thanks for the plug. When we have galleys/ early laser proof pages next summer, you’re on our list for reviews/ publicity. We’re probably going to do a New York launch in October too as well as in other parts of the US…