The Avengers plus Loki and Nick Fury. These look pretty nice. Even with the typography elements taking center stage in the design, ScarJo continues to exhibits awesome mastery of the butt-and-face first pose, while Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk does not look like Zoolander, which is a big improvement.

Sad that none of the guys are turned so we can see his butt. Especially Thor and Captain America.










  1. “Sad that none of the guys are turned so we can see their butt. Especially Thor and Captain America.”

    Objectifying women: not okay.
    Objectifying men: okay.

    I think I understand now.

  2. AnonyMouse: my teachable moment worked!

    The showing of the buttocks is generally considered a sexual display among animal species — cf mandrill. Since only one woman is allowed in every movie, the Black Widow must stand in for every female character and that must involve a sexual display. The men are NOT required such an obvious sexual display.

    Yes, I know Maria Hill is also in the movie, but she is not part of the promo materials.

  3. Why no image of Ruffalo-Hulk? Or is there some lenticular version coming along soon that switches back and forth between Ruffalo and his alter-ego?

  4. Oh come on now… any angle they picked for Scarlett Johansson could be considered a “a sexual display”. And the way the center of the “A” crops the image is very non-objectifying. And SCARCE Savier Lancel up there is right. Hawkeye is showing more flesh than anyone (even the Hulk).

  5. >>>The men are NOT required such an obvious sexual display.

    Oh yes. Thank goodness we never see Robert Downey Jr. flexing his muscles in Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes. Or Chris Evans with no shirt flaunting his fabulous body. Or Ryan Reynolds being oggled by Sandra Bullock or wearing a skin-tight suit from head to toe. Or Chris Hemsworth whipping his long flowing locks around while flexing. Thank goodness men aren’t objectified in modern superhero movies!

    Wait… really? Mel Gibson had to show his bare ass in HOW many movies? Wow!

  6. “Hawkeye is showing more flesh than anyone (even the Hulk).”

    Well, we can’t really tell since we haven’t seen any publicity shots of The Hulk. Have we?

  7. @ M Kitchen
    That’s not the Hilk … its Banner. Although the left side of his face is in shadow … and there is a greenish tinge to his skin.