Celebrity Sightings

The latest Avengers: Age of Ultron television spot is here, and it’s a fairly extended look at the team with some new footage for those of us who just can’t wait another month and a half. I particularly like how it gives a showcase for each of its stars, including the first line of dialogue out of Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s Quicksilver, highlighting how Joss Whedon and company have kept the character to his Eastern European roots. Obviously, we’ll have to assume the same for Scarlet Witch.

Television ads like these do most of the heavy lifting of getting the non-diehards to fill the seats, and given that this provides a lot of what audiences seem to love (Tony Stark snark, ridiculously awesome action beats, and a reminder that this is the same team you saw in the first billion-dollar grossing film) it seems likely that this’ll do the trick.


  1. I remain unconvinced that an accent is going to be enough to make Aaron Taylor Johnson register as a person who exists onscreen, though

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