Hyperbole and a Half, a book collecting the webcomics of Allie Brosh with new essays, was one of the smash hits of 2014, selling 129,679 copies according to Bookscan, and doubtless more than that in the rest of the world. While it’s a text/comics hybrid, the visual component of her storytelling—awkward Paintbrush tableau—is vital to her work, and she was a guest at Comic-Con just a few weeks ago.

Bros has an all-new book coming out in 2016: Solutions and Other Problems. I’m told the cover above is not final, but given that she hasn’t been posting on her website since 2013, I think its safe to say there will be an eager audience for more of her painful yet hilarious examinations of self doubt, depression, growing up and dogs.

Brosh grew up in rural Montana, and started blogging/cartooning around 2011. Social media shares, rage comic memes and internet famous followed. According to a recent biographical note, she “lives as a recluse in her bedroom in Denver, Colorado.” Brosh was one of the guests I most wanted to see at Comic-Con this year, but as with many things Comic-Con it did not happen. I hope there’s an essay about Comic-Con in the new book!


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