The Punisher, Netflix’s sixth series in their current partnership with Marvel television has been in a little bit of a limbo state lately. Ahead of NYCC, the streaming giant had kept the release date of the Jon Bernthal-starring Daredevil spin-off close to its chest. The presumption being that they would make a big show of its announcement there for a large adoring crowd.

Just before the Con, Marvel made the wise decision to cancel that presentation in light of the real life tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas just a few days before, and claimed the lives of more than 50 people. A series centered on gun violence was surely not the kind of thing to celebrate at that moment, and Marvel clearly recognized that.

This morning, Netflix announced the show’s debut date in a much quieter fashion, releasing a brand new trailer as well. The Punisher, showrun by Hannibal vet Steve Lightfoot, will hit the streaming service on November 17th.

While we typically review these Netflix-Marvel series ahead of their debuts here at The Beat. I’m not certain that will be the case with this one. I wanted to make it clear that it has nothing to do with the subject matter, it’s just that I’ll be on vacation overseas in the two weeks leading up to it, and between Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League debuting around that same time, our hands will be quite full.

I’ll be interested to see if this series is at all a bounce-back from the back-to-back misses of Iron Fist and The Defenders. Lightfoot is probably Marvel’s most promising choice in terms of showrunners, and Bernthal is certainly passionate about the role.