benedict cumberbatch shower scene

Tumblr, Twitter and what was left of LiveJournal reacted with shock and then outrage this morning as news of a deleted shower scene starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the new Star Trek film was revealed. Star Trek Into Darkness director JJ Abrams made the shocking revelation on the Conan O’Brien show, and showed a brief clip of the deleted scene as proof that he was an equal opportunity sexist.

“This is the greatest loss to our culture since the cancellation of Veronica Mars,” mourned Abigail Treeforth of Kankakee, IL who keeps a webpage called “Cumberhunk!.”

“JJ Abrams has not only set the crude but heartfelt egalitarianism of the original Star Trek back to Penthouse magazine with his white boy centric power fantasies,” scolded blogger Diana Kittenplan of Los Gatos, CA. “He has also shown himself completely ignorant of what would please female movie goers by removing this vital scene featuring the star of Sherlock, War Hose and, soon, The Hobbit.”

“He is playing with dynamite here and doesn’t know how big the explosion could be,” said gif hobbyist Merillyn Swatch of Abrams. “What is he thinking????”

As the day wore on, grief has turned to rage, and Treeforth warns that the backlash against Abrams could be severe. “He’s got the DVD extras to make this right, and he needs to use that opportunity to give the world what it has been waiting for,” she predicted. “I’m really afraid he’s going to turn Star Wars into some kind of boys fantasy story, and that would be a shame.”


  1. JJ Abrams is a hero, he saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of geek girls whose hearts would have violently exploded upon seeing that scene.

  2. This would only be comparable if he had just taken a shower, and then just randomly decided to take one again.

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