Neither Frank Miller’s 300 sequel nor Detective #27 cover happening for the time being

300XerxesWhat ever happened to Frank Miller?

In its weekly retailer advisory, DC announced that hes variant cover for the jumbo size celebratory Detective Comics #27 has been cancelled.

ICv2 reports that his XERXES sequel won’t be out in time for next year’s 300: RISE OF HTE EMPIRE movie.

While two issues of XERXES have been completed, that’s all for now, although a few pages have been floating around and they look great. Miller is co-directing Sin City 2, now slated to be released next August, so one presumes that doing the movie thing has taken up all his time instead of drawing the comics.

ICv2′s informant says that Miller will get back to things once he has the time. Reportedly. Miller and Sin City co-director Robert Rodrigeuz are planning a Sin City TV series after the movie comes out.

Miller hasn’t tweeted or really been heard from publicly since Holy Terror came out about two years ago. Hopefully he’s too busy making movies and things.

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