If only someone would put comics on iPhone! How convenient it would be! Wait, they have? NBM is the latest publisher to join the gold rush:

NBM Publishing is proud to announce partnering with Panelfly, the newly launched iPhone app that’s bringing the best graphic novels direct to you… instantly! 

Panelfly allows you to read your favorite graphic novels as the creators intended; you get full-page views, automatic panel navigation and more! You can purchase your comics using your iTunes account; tap the screen twice, and you’ll immediately have one of the world’s best graphic novels right in your hands. 

NBM titles now available include the sold-out smash BROWNSVILLE by writer Neil Kleid, Jesse Lonergan’s powerful romantic drama FLOWER AND FADE, Swedish sensation Naomi Nowak’s UNHOLY KINSHIP, Rick Geary’s award-winning LINDBERGH CHILD and Shane White’s NORTH COUNTRY. All of these by authors NBM is publishing new titles from this fall. More titles will be added throughout the fall. 

Each of these NBM graphic novels is available on your iPhone for $6.95 to $9.95, less than the paperbacks. Go straight to iTunes or to www.panelfly.com. 

Stay tuned for further announcements of partnerships between NBM and leading E-Book and mobile download sites.

“It’s clear this is the future where readers increasingly have a choice as to how they want to read their comics,” said NBM publisher Terry Nantier, “and we consider ourselves purveyors of graphic novels, not pushers of print publications. Any way you want a quality, engrossing novel-length comic, we’ll make that available, whether print or electronic.” 

For further information, please contact our publicist, Marc Mason: [email protected]


  1. (Pssst… stay away from them NBM guys… they’re purveyors! And if you don’t watch out, they’ll start promulgating! IN PUBLIC! Have they no shame? Think of the children!)

    Hey… way cool all this iphone stuff… anyone making stuff for Treos?

  2. Synsidar,

    You should check out the PanelFly app. I think it is the best I have seen so far. It starts with a full page, but when you tap the screen, the zooms around the page so you can read it.

    I haven’t seen the NBM stuff, yet, but I have downloaded an SLG title.