We’ve been following along with the shocking revelations of the new Nancy strip by the still-mystery cartoonist Olivia Jaimes. And one of the big reveals was the new Aunt Fritzi.

Well, the big reveal has taken place, during a parent/aunt conference discussing Nancy’s participation in a robotics club.


The new Fritzi is an attractive, youthful woman, but without the BODACIOUS attributes appended by previous Nancy scribe Guy Gilchrist.

As for Nancy’s reaction to the robotics club – whe wasn’t that into it. It was no cornbread.

BTW, at TCAF I spoke to one person who knows Jaimes’ true identity. And Jaimes has been invited to an upcoming comics event, so the mystery will be solved someday. Until then, I’m fine with a little mystery in life.


  1. Little too much technology, but not overly so. I think Nancy is more authentically captured with this interaction which I really like. Particularly that she is less innocent and more insouciant again. Thanks for covering the new work.

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