201112071321.jpgWhen last we saw Archie Comics co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit, she was being slapped with a restraining order by Archie Comics and accused of some rather odd behavior. The widow of former Archie owner Michael Silberkleit, Nancy was accused of harassing Archie employees by yelling out words for genitalia at meetings and other odd stuff.

Whatever the state of these internal affairs, Silberkleit is still out there using comics to teach children to read, according to a recent story about her visiting various elementary schools:

“This program we have brings comics directly to the children,” she said. “I will speak at the schools and tell the children about how comics are made, show them the stages of a comic page from writer to artist to inker and encourage them to make comics of their own.”

She will start Friday morning at Gilles-Sweet Elementary School in Fairview Park. Then she will go to St. Mary School and St. Jude School, both in Elyria.

Eastern Heights Middle School in Elyria and Keystone High School in LaGrange will hold smaller comics-related events on Friday for the students, including a large sale of Archie comics such as the “Sonic” and “Mega Man” comics and trade paperbacks.

But it doesn’t end there. Silberkleit was recently named “Ambassador of Literacy” for Mamaroneck, NY by Mayor Norman Rosenblum. She’s also promoting her Comic Book Fairs organization, with lots of plans for outreach. The website is currently under construction. So whatever went on in the office, it seems like everyone is still going on with their business.