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Author Warren Ellis chooses his projects in comics extremely carefully, especially his licensed comics work. The author previously expressed these thoughts in a blog post from his own website:

There are very few existing properties that I’d be interested in writing. I like making up my own stories. As far as I’m concerned, that is in fact the job description of “writer”. There aren’t many pre-existing characters that I could be tempted with.

That’s why it’s a big deal when publisher Dynamite announced this morning via CBR that he was planning to work on James Bond with Dynamite alongside Jason Masters. Going back to that very same blog post:

But if someone asked me to write a James Bond film, you wouldn’t see my arse for dust.

James Bond 007 #1 will launch in November, alongside the upcoming James Bond film entitled Spectre. The first six issues will be a storyline known as VARGR, which see’s Bond returning to London on a mission to continue the work of a previous agent. The book is set to evoke an international feel with something dangerous being hatched Bond in Berlin…spooky! Also set to come from the publisher are brand new adaptations of the original novels by Ian Fleming as well as an origin story set before the landmark Casino Royale film.

Ellis, a Brit himself is an inspired choice to take on one of the most well known franchises in popular culture. After ascending from the grimy gutters of Moon Knight, watching him pen something beautiful (and violent) will be a welcomed change of pace for the author. Masters, an alumni of the Batman office, will also be able to propel the series to new heights. His work on Batwoman in particular appears to be coded with espionage. Dynamite first announced the acquisition at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con with a pre-Casino Royale James Bond origin story — we’re still waiting with baited breath for a creative team on that project.


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