With the first arc of My Hero Academia season 4 wrapped up this weekend, TOHO Animation has already dropped a teaser for the coming arc. Thankfully, it’s a happy one, as the events of this season’s first arc saw a fair amount of our faves dealing with a lot of trauma.

Obviously, spoilers if you’re not caught up on the most recent season of My Hero Academia, but this teaser has some awesome character moments. The Cultural Festival arc looks to include some sort of battle of the bands element. That’s exciting on its own, but there’s more. In the clip below, we’ve got Bakugo on drums (chef’s kiss) Kaminari on electric guitar, Tokoyami on bass, Yaoyorozu on keyboard and Jiro singing lead which is something I did not know I needed.

Aside from that, the MHA teaser also includes a look at a suspicious, yet dapper, gentleman, Mirio hanging out with Eri (adorable) and Deku doing some more training with All Might after the revelations from earlier this season.

As one final cherry on top, the official My Hero Academia Twitter also dropped a key visual/poster highlighting our UA favs and hinting at this arc’s villains. Check that out below, along with the new teaser! My Hero Academia charges forward this weekend, January 25, with its second and final arc of season 4.