The surprise graphic novel hit of the start of 2017 is Emil Ferris’s My Favorite Thing is Monsters. It’s both a sui generis story (a young girl growing up in Chicago imagines herself as a monster while investigating the murder of an elderly neighbor) a unique art style (lush colored pencilled illos drawn on notebook paper) and an irresistible personal story (it’s the 55-year-old Ferris’s first published graphic novel). Calvin Reid reports on
the success of the book, including press in the New York Times and The New Yorker, and an appearance on the Publishers Weekly graphic novel best seller list. The book has just gone back for a 30,000 copy second printing, an impressive number for Fantagraphics, and their biggest second printing ever

The second volume of the book will be published this fall and has an announced 30,000 first printing.

In case you missed it here’s some preview pages:





700 (1).jpg

700 (2).jpg

700 (3).jpg

700 (4).jpg

700 (5).jpg


  1. I was going to get this until I saw a copy in Barnes and Noble and was really put off but the blue lined paper effect. It detracts dramatically from the art and is a distracting gimmick. Who draws on lined paper rather than clean art paper? It ruins the images.

  2. i love the notebook thing. Although, if its not actually drawn on notebook paper and its just a digital affect then it loses major cool points for being phony and becomes some garbage “the art of…” movie style book. Disappointing if that’s the case. Publishing is so obsessed with faking authenticity and vintage things nowadays. Its weird.

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