Next week AHOY Comics will release My Bad #2, the latest issue of the superhero satire series from writers Mark Russell & Bryce Ingman, artist Peter Krause, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick, and letterer Rob Steen. Today The Beat is proud to present an exclusive preview of two different stories from the issue, the Russell-written “The Salad of Truth” and the Ingman-penned “Gravel City Nights.”

Here’s how AHOY describes My Bad #2:

The Important New Superhero Universe™ continues, courtesy of Mark Russell (SECOND COMING), Bryce Ingman, and Peter Krause! Why did Rush Hour run into Emperor King’s inescapable doom trap? Has Emperor King learned that the crime-fighting Chandelier is secretly Jamington Withrop, heir to the Winthrop Lamps fortune? The answer to ONE of these questions awaits in this issue, along with bonus features.

In an interview with The Beat earlier this year, co-writer Russell described the thematic intersection between the series’ two lead characters, Emperor King and The Chandelier:

It’s a story told from two completely different vantage points, one from a hero [and] one from a villain, but it’s really about their failures and their vanities. There’s the hero character, he’s like a Batman sort of vigilante hero, whose family owns a lamp fortune, [called] The Chandelier, which is a terrible moniker for a superhero. But at some point, he realizes that really the only difference between us and the villains [is that] the villains realize that this is all about vanity. And that’s kind of the crux of the series. If there is a mission statement, that would be it.

Check out the exclusive excerpts, along with the retailer incentive variant cover for the issue by artist Jonathan Case, below. My Bad #2 arrives in stores and digitally next Wednesday, December 8th.