Because you can’t get enough surreal cartooniness today, here’s the first episode of CAT SH*T ONE, an anime version of the war in the MIddle East starring violent bunnies and camels. It’s based on the manga series by Motofumi Kobayashi, which was set in the Vietnam War, but there’s plenty of guerilla war to go around for reboots. Sadly, the kitty kat Viet Cong in the original are replaced by camel terrorists here. (The manga was published in the US by ADV as APOCALYPSE MEOW.)

David Brothers has a rundown of the bold distribution plan for the series — the first episode is being released for free on YouTube while a Blu-ray edition is also available. The series was produced by an indie production company and according to their Facebook page, they’ve yet to make back production costs so they are depending on word of mouth to spread the good news about Cat Sh*t One.

The film has yet to surpass the production cost and we saw more potential for the content in the U.S. than in Japan. We dubbed the entire film in English by casting American voice actors. Even after all the obstacles, we have managed to finalize the English version of our investment.

Watch fast, though — this will only be online for two weeks!



  1. Am I the only one uncomfortable with the Arabs being portrayed as camels? At least with Maus’ use of species for ethnicities, the cat-and-mouse metaphor made sense beyond just stereotyping.

  2. “the first episode is being released for free on YouTube”

    But only if you’re in the right country. If I try and play it, all I get is a message saying that the video is blocked on copyright grounds. Boo.

  3. Actually, I was more uncomfortable with the Americans as bunnies. I would have gone with dogs, maybe. It’s hard to see bunnies as tough guys.

  4. Someone’s been playing a little too much Modern Warfare 2, not that I’m complaining.

    I saw the unedited version and I gotta say, it was just a smidgen more ‘hardcore’ then I was expecting, I enjoyed it.

  5. Lusk: The use of rabbits for American soldiers is a play on the Japanese word for rabbit, “usagi” or USA GI.

  6. The subtitled version has been out for ages – also free, but the dialog and tone was dramatically different.

    My quibble remains in both versions… that despite them being cute rabbits they don’t portray any animal abilities (i.e., rabbits can jump/hop, good ears, et.) Basically it was like watching men in rabbit suits.

    Also, the rescue still isn’t explained. I assume, they are saving one of the camels because he’s an informant / double agent, but it’s never stated.

    Still, I liked it. It’s a fun effort and I hope it gets the funding it needs.

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