Munoz Serpent Couv

Planche Alack Sinner4 1106777102 A1B40Argentinian master José Muñoz won the Grand Prix for cartooning in Angouleme. Born in 1942, Munoz is perhaps best known for ALACK SINNER and his other collaborations with writer Carlos Sampayo.

NononbaThe other prize winners are listed in this French article. As near as we can make out, the best album was given to a manga for the first time, Non Non Bâ by Shigeru Mizuki. Five “Essential Albums” were also named:

– “Black Hole” de Charles Burns (Delcourt)
– “Lucille” de Ludovic Debeurme (Futuropolis)
– “Lupus” de Frédéric Peeters (Atrabile)
– “Le photographe” d’Emmanuel Guibert, Didier Lefèvre, Frédéric Lemercier (Dupuis)
– “Pourquoi j’ai tué Pierre” d’Olivier Ka et Alfred (Delcourt)

“Best Newcomer” went to Panier de singe by Jérôme Mulot and Florent Ruppert, from L’Association. The Heritage Prize went to Sergent Laterreur by Touis and Frydman. Canicola, an Italian series, won “Best Alternative” Prize.

Pictures and more en Francais ici. (That’s Jean-Claude Mézières, above, with Ludovic Debeurme.) Covers and commentary by Beaty at The Comics Reporter. Manga Blog rounds up info on Mizuki.