Have you been paying attention to the upcoming election? Crazy huh? Can we possibly survive the next four days without blowing our brains out? It’s going to be a close call. IN the meantime, Ms. Marvel suggests you vote. She doesn’t say which way to vote, but probably she’d support the candidate that doesn’t want to ban Muslims from entering the country. Maybe. A guess.

Also, nice cover by Joelle Jones!

It’s election season in the United States and Marvel wants to remind everyone that they have one of the greatest powers there is – the ability to vote! And who better to champion this ability than Marvel’s breakout Super Hero, Ms. Marvel.

Today, Marvel Comics is proud to debut an exclusive first look to MS. MARVEL #13, spotlighting Ms. Marvel’s quest to encourage everyone to vote this Election Day. Written by G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, A-Force) accompanied with artwork by Mirka Andolfo, MS. MARVEL #13 finds Kamala Khan at the start of a new chapter in her life and as she begins this journey of discovery, Ms. Marvel takes to the streets of her home town, Jersey City, to encourage all its residents to summon their own super power – the right to vote!

Can Ms. Marvel inspire and encourage her neighbors to select their candidate, or will this be more challenging than taking down Ultron? Find out this November in MS. MARVEL #13 and check out Marvel’s exclusive preview to witness Kamala Khan’s march to encourage everyone to get out and vote.

  1. MARVEL #13 (SEP161032)

Divided We Stand Variant Cover by TBA (SEP161033)

FOC – 11/07/16, On-Sale – 11/30/16



  1. That is pretty much get out and vote, but only if you vote the way I want you to vote.

    In real life that would count as voter intimidation.

  2. Great article, but Marvel should have done something to have published this book last month. This is kinda like promoting a comic book convention that happened last weekend.

  3. Vote against hate. Vote against trolls. Vote against regressive behavior. Vote against bigotry. Vote against Donald Trump and the republican party, who know that they can’t win if WE ALL VOTE.

  4. See Chris and Other Chris – that is where you go wrong. Anyone who disagrees with you must be a bigoted, regressive, racist, troll. That is the type of attitude that sees political violence as an acceptable means to an end. But naturally you project those views on your opponents.

    As a further, wider aside – 50% of voters are going to vote for Trump, +or- a % point or two. The comics industry cannot hope to survive in its modern form if it alienates half of the public. Comics like this one, or the nazi-Hydra Trump analogue in Captain America etc etc does nothing in the long term to grow the audience for comics.

  5. Great timing Marvel. At least they’re promoting it before the election. Curious at the Trump supporters here. I’m sure not all Beat readers are for Hillary, but the comments above make me think this has been pushed out to a right wing blog or something?

  6. While anyone who knows anything about G. Willow Wilson can guess who she’s going to vote for tomorrow, this anodyne story is scrupulously non-partisan. If you think a short PSA comic laying out basic facts about voting rights and the voting process is left-wing propaganda, then you need to take a moment of self-reflection.

  7. It’s no secret that a lot of comics fans and pros — like a lot of science-fiction fans and pros — have VERY conservative social and political views. As in, a desire to restore the white Christian patriarchy of the 1950s. And they apparently think Trump can bring back those days. They’re going to be very, very disappointed if he wins. Nobody can turn back the clock to some idealized golden age.

    Hope I won’t have to read such comments on this site after Nov. 8. I can dream, can’t I?

  8. Steve Replogle, that panel is a visual reference to the painting La Prise de la Bastille by De La Croix. But if I were drawing it, I would; have left those figures out, since it doesn’t make sense in the context of this scene.

    But hey! Trump fans! Since Trump supporters have taken to singing “Do You Hear The People SIng” from Les Mis, you can interpret this comic as being pro-Trump after all!

  9. Nick,

    I didn’t assume anything about people who disagreed with me. I just said I hope they tell us how they feel on Wednesday.

    Publishing comics urging people to vote isn’t alienating anyone…unless you think a brown, Muslim female is alienating…in which case you should just go ahead and leave the country now because we’ll see a lot more brown, Muslim females in power in the future.

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