Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan’s most recent ongoing series wrapped its run back in February, but with the character set to make her MCU debut later this year it was only a matter of time before she returned to her own headlining series. This morning Marvel announced, via EW, a new five-issue miniseries, Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit, set to arrive in stores in September. The series will be written by YA author and first-time comic writer Samira Ahmed, with art by Andrés Genolet. No colorist or letterer were named in the announcement for the series, which will sport covers by Mashal Ahmed.

Ms. Marvel debuted in 2014, and received her powers when the terrigen mists transformed her into an Inhuman. In an interview with EW about the new series, though, Ahmed seems to call the true nature of her origin into question:

“Fans that have been there from day one will love to see how we’re playing around with her powers, exploring them, and maybe pushing them. I think it’s cool for her to examine them a little bit. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but there are gonna be some questions that arise about the source of her powers and what that means.”

A change in Kamala’s origin would make some sense given her upcoming MCU debut, and the overall failure of the Inhuman mythology to take hold in that universe. Feel free to begin speculation that Kamala is secretly a mutant and this is how they’re going to bring the X-Men into the MCU.

Born in India and raised in Illinois, Samira Ahmed is just the third writer to guide Kamala Khan’s solo adventures, after co-creator G. Willow Wilson and Magnificent Ms. Marvel scribe Saladin Ahmed, and the first South Asian writer for the character. Ahmed’s young adult novels include Internment and Love, Hate, & Other Filters, both of which star female Muslim protagonists. The new Ms. Marvel series will be the latest Marvel work for Andrés Genolet, who has previously worked with another YA-author-turned-comics-writer, Rainbow Rowell, on Runaways. Genolet was colored on that series by Dee Cunniffe, so perhaps he will be coloring Ms. Marvel as well.

Elsewhere in the EW interview, Ahmed described the importance of Kamala Khan to readers, and in her own life:

“For kids of color, Muslim kids, there was literally zero representation when I was growing up,” Ahmed says. “Just the fact that Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman was brunette and from someplace outside America was like, ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ So when Sana and Willow announced Ms. Marvel, I was just so stunned. My heart soars for all the kids who will have Ms. Marvel comics as part of their childhood. For me, what’s cool about her is that she’s a girl like all the other girls. She’s balancing all this stuff: Parental expectations – which I can 100 percent relate to now even in adulthood – plus school, crushes, and then this extraordinary side job. I feel so much that that is teen life, where you’re struggling to balance all those things and find your voice and where you fit in.”

Head over to EW for the full interview with Ahmed. Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #1 (of 5) arrives in stores in September.


  1. KK aka Ms Marvel needs to interact more with her fellow Inhumans like Black Bolt Medusa Inferno Mosaic Quake Crystal and a guest stint in F4 should do the trick as well.

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