It’s day one of Morrison Con and I’m already having a blast. While I was in line to register I started chatting with my fellow con-rads, some of which are traveling from France, Australia and Spain. We were talking about how Grant changed our lives and how many times we are going to tell him how much we love his work, in walks Akria The Don and Jason Aaron. You can hear everyone in the room take a deep breath. It was one of those you had to be there kind of moments, but I feel like I’m going to have a lot of those this weekend.

The swag bag contains a hard cover program that features the guests and has blank pages for sketches. Also includes an exclusive MC HAPPY! variant cover by Darick Roberson, a cute tote bag and a poster of the program cover.


Follow me on twitter (@henrybarajas) and Instagram for live coverage. Now I’m going to Hofbrauhous (uninvited) because I hear the 11 O’clock Comics podcast crew is having a pre-con shindig.


  1. So uhm… This new site design lacks an “older posts” button. I like to be able to easily see older entries. A search function is in no way the same thing.

    This isn’t related to the topic, but the posts about the move has all moved beyond the first page and there is no easy way to check them out due to the removal of the “older/previous” button, so this page will do. So please, make it possible to check earlier entries in a convenient manner? Like you had it before…

  2. @Kim – If you click on the Calendar on the right hand side you can see the posts as they were posted for any previous day. I actually prefer this way.

  3. You could look through the archives before. But that’s pretty useless to somebody who comes here a couple of times per week. “older” meant I could click back until I found posts I had read before, and then proceed to read the unread ones. False dichitomy. They kept some things they had before but removed useful functionality. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  4. Morrison’s ego has inflated into the dark matter of outer space. An ego the size of say…a planet? Another chip pecked off his shoulder that his reality has become of something that Alan Moore created already.

  5. Huh. Morrison has always seemed rather humble to me. Don’t see why you think this is all about Morrison’s ego. 1. Morrison didn’t organize or initiate this con. 2. The con, while originally centered on Morrison, had expanded greatly to include a number of big name creators, many of whom have not worked with Morrison (yet).

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