Now that enough time has passed for everyone to see the final episode, a brief salute to Game of Thrones, via the above 8-bit version of the theme — WARNING: will embed in your BRAIN — and a piece of Phil Noto art depicting Daenerys Targaryen who was a real standout in the 10-episode season.

Here it must be said how thrilled we here at Stately Beat Manor were to watch a TV show that was literate and nuanced and also included scenes that will fuel LARPing for generations to come. GoT started out slow — all that exposition and family lore! — but came on incredibly strong in the last three or four episodes. As in life, everything has a price, actions echo through the ages, and a man always wants his daughters to marry up.

Great TV. Looking forward to reading books as we wait for the second season!



  1. Sweet, Phil, just plain sweet. All hail khaleesi Daenerys Stormborn; the mother of dragons, the unburnt.
    Just wait until season two she’s gonna blow you all away. (If you haven’t read the books which you should;)

  2. Hey there are some lovely, but VERY limited signed and numbered editions of the first 4 books, each illustrated by an individual artist: Jeffrey Catherine Jones, John Howe, Charles Vess (that would be me!) and Tom Canty. Each has 6 color plates and 70 b/w illustrations.

    Its really fun to see these characters come to life on the TV screen.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more about the series starting off slow. In spite of time spent on character set up I found this series gripping from the first scene of the first episode. The boy having to watch his first execution, the discovery of the Dire Wolves, sex, violence, incest, attempted murder. I mean seriously, how much more could they have put in those first episodes? Every show has the amped up pacing of a season finale on crack.

  4. “Now that enough time has passed for everyone to see the final episode”

    It hasn’t even been a week! I feel for the poor bastards who decided to wait to watch this show on DVD. This is one of those shows where it’s turned out that if you don’t watch it right away, you’re almost guaranteed to get spoiled.

  5. “Charles, where could someone learn more about the limited editions you mentioned? I’m sure they must be spectacular.”

    Charles I second this request.