A new “sizzle reel” of WATCHMEN scenes was introduced during the airing of last night’s Scream Awards. Bootlegs are up on the net. (Link via Splash Page.)


  1. This movie is going to have to be around 8 hours long since apparently Zack Snyder doesn’t know how to do anything but shoot in slow motion. Seriously, I know it’s a trailer designed to get people all amped up about the film, but the fact that 95% of the footage we’ve seen so far is in SUPER DRAMATIC ULTRA COOL MATRIX STYLE SLOW-MOTION!!! I am starting to have some real doubts about how good this is actually going to be. Because, you know, in most movies, even the newly minted Hollywood Golden Calf “graphic novel adaptations,” people do have to walk around and talk once in a while. In normal speed.

  2. At least two people at work I know WHO ARE NOT REGULAR READERS OD COMICS- picked up the Watchmen trade over at the nearby Border’s just because of the trailer that was shown before the Dark Knight.

    I tell them that I read that stuff over twenty years and I get a look of disbelief- like, how can that be??

    So – the trailer is out there doing its job – getting newbies into reading comics!!

    Thank you Zack!



  3. Funny point about the slow-mo.
    Veidt, The Comedian and Owly-Man all look too young.
    Other than that,…visually, not bad.
    I also agree with Mr.(?!) Coatney about people buying the book. Great news.
    I know my friend’s comic shoppe has done well with the various versions of the book that are now stacked around in it.
    Previously,…for years possibly,…there had been two, unfortunately, well thumbed, copies of the trade that had taken up residence on his shelves. “Man!” I would think, “These cats don’t know what they’re missing.”
    Those, obviously, are gone, gone, gone and the aforementioned stacks keep getting smaller and smaller.
    So, if the movie is acting as a twenty million (…or whatever it is,…) dollar advertisement for the book,…fantastic.
    I will say, it can’t compare to reading it in it’s original form.
    The thrill of getting each new issue,…well,…hard to beat.
    Only League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen comes close.

  4. Gosh, there was (if you add it all up) several seconds of footage in that clip that hadn’t already been played before every showing of The Dark Knight.

    FWIW, there’s been a copy of the book circulating around the bar-n-grill where I started working a few months ago. I’ve seen various people reading it on their breaks. So these ads are working.